10 Reasons to Try Our Everyday Hemp Combo Pack

At Beyond Botanicals, we came up with a convenient package to help beginners and experienced CBD users alike. With the Everyday Hemp Combo Pack you get three of our top-selling CBD-based products. You’ll take advantage of a discount versus buying them individually, too! This combo pack offers three distinct delivery methods that can all be used together on a daily basis. This synergy of delivery methods promotes a stronger hemp experience to help meet your goals like never before.

  • 1200mg Full Spectrum Mint CBD Oil: CBD oil is one of the most versatile hemp products in the world, commonly taken orally as a tincture. Tinctures take effect within about 30 minutes and last in the body for up to 4 hours. This product contains 1200 milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract, with a USDA Organic mint flavor that makes each dropper a pleasure for the palate.
  • 500mg CBD Cooling Gel: Topicals can target specific areas of the body in ways that other types of CBD products cannot. They allow the user to apply CBD directly to the skin, where it quickly absorbs. CBD Cooling Gel combines high-quality hemp extract with menthol and camphor to maximize relief with natural cooling sensations.
  • 60ct 25mg Full Spectrum Liquid Gel Capsules: A great daily product that promotes subtler but long-lasting effects felt for up to 8 hours each day. These capsules go down easily, and they are gentle on the digestive tract. They allow the compounds to gradually absorb into the body over time for prolonged benefit.

Why Should You Consider Incorporating These Products into Your Daily Regimen?

Did You Know: More than half of people who use CBD products find that using multiple CBD products daily is more effective than just one. With capsules, oil, and a gel, you’ll have a great way to get your cannabidiol no matter whether you’re home or on the go.

Reason #1: Great for Beginners

Most first-timers do not know which type of product is best for them, as choosing the right delivery method and formula is a very subjective matter. It’s dependent on a combination of personal preferences, goals and overall needs. This combo pack allows you to try out three unique types of CBD products in order to get an idea of what each one can offer. Then, you can make more personalized choices with your routine moving forward.

Reason #2: It Can Offer a More Comprehensive Daily Routine

Using more than one CBD product each day can “fill in the blanks” of your routine. For instance, if you’re only using an internal method like a tincture or capsule, but also dealing with some localized discomfort, then adding a topical to your regimen can really maximize your relief. Each delivery method offers something unique, in terms of how potently the effects are and how long they last. Coupled with the differences in which parts of the body they target, our combo pack is truly comprehensive.

Reason #3: Our Products are Additive-Free and All-Natural

The CBD formulas that we offer are made with gentle, all-natural ingredients derived from plants. We never use fillers, additives or synthetic flavoring and fragrance agents in our products. We believe that mother nature knows best, so we rely on plant compounds to deliver results to the body and mind. This means that our products are easy on the body and can be taken daily without any harshness or bad flavor associated with chemical additives found in so many other formulas.

Reason #4: We Use Full Spectrum Hemp for the Entourage Effect

There are three unique types of hemp extracts that can go into a typical CBD product: CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. Only full spectrum hemp contains the complete array of hemp compounds as they exist in nature. These include a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. Full spectrum products promote the entourage effect, which is a term used to describe the synergistic power of using multiple cannabinoids and terpenes at once for better results.

Our CBD products are made with full spectrum hemp extract, for one simple reason.  We believe that this is the superior way to take hemp.  You can see how then, the Everyday Hemp Combo Pack supplies your body with a diverse range of useful chemical compounds found together in the hemp plant.

Reason #5: We Have All of Our CBD Lab-Tested

At Beyond Botanicals, we take our role in the CBD industry seriously. You can count on our products having been thoroughly tested by a third-party, ISO certified laboratory. This testing process searches for signs of impurities, contamination, and poor extraction methods, to guarantee that what we sell is as high in quality as possible.

Reason #6: We Strive to Offer Maximum Bioavailability

We use a variety of advanced manufacturing methods to guarantee maximum bioavailability, which enables every compound to absorb fully into the body for the best results imaginable. We utilize the CO2 extraction method which is best for cleanly preserving the stability of each component. This enhances its ability to deliver a full compliment of benefits to your endocannabinoid system.

Reason #7: You Can Save Money

Another great reason to choose our Everyday Hemp Combo Pack is because it will save you money. Buying these three products as a pack ends up costing 20% less than purchasing each one individually. Regardless of your hemp routine budget, 20% can go a long way.

Reason #8: Different CBD Products for Different Needs

We all have a different goal when we use CBD. Sometimes, we need a topical because we overexerted ourselves in the gym. Other times, we want something that we can take at bedtime when our thoughts are racing. This combo pack ensures that you have a suitable hemp formula for every circumstance that can come up during the day.

Reason #9: Exceptionally Fresh Hemp

Freshness is an often-overlooked quality in our industry. The fresher the product, the more potent it is. Over time, chemical compounds in the plant break down and lose their capabilities. We make all of our products fresh to ensure maximum effectiveness. You can even taste the freshness of our tinctures, with a complex profile delivering exceptional flavor.

Reason #10: Derived from Organically Grown Hemp Plant Material

All of our CBD products come from hemp that has been grown organically. This is an absolutely critical component to quality. Why? Because conventional farming methods can involve the use of harsh chemicals that can accumulate in plant material. We work closely with our farmers to adhere to organic standards, using the finest organic cultivation methods available to them.

Try the Beyond Botanicals Everyday Hemp Combo Pack Today

Our Everyday Hemp Combo Pack supplies you with everything you need to discover CBD’s benefits. Each product can serve a unique purpose in your routine. Each of the three combo products works together harmoniously to give you that CBD boost that you’re looking for. Plus, saving some money on discounted packages always helps!

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