10 Amazing Ways CBD Moisturizing Cream Improves Your Daily Skincare Routine

10 Reasons to Use Beyond Botanicals CBD Moisturizer Cream

At Beyond Botanicals, we have embraced the world of skincare with CBD Moisturizing Cream, boasting one of the most effective formulas on the market.  We carefully developed this special CBD moisturizer with our team of researchers and cosmetic chemists in order to address your skin’s needs. It supplies your skin with American grown and made cannabidiol (CBD) extract. In fact, our moisturizing cream is perfect for daily use. It has what it takes to transform your skin, leaving you glowing and looking younger than before.

How to Use the Beyond Botanicals CBD Moisturizing Cream

Our CBD moisturizer can be used just like any other moisturizer. We recommend that you apply it to clean skin so that it can absorb more efficiently. It should be the final step in your routine unless you use an occlusive layer such as petroleum jelly in the evening to seal in your other products. Simply follow the instructions on the label, using enough product to fully cover the surface of your face.  It can be used once or twice daily depending on your unique moisturizing needs. For those with dry skin, it also acts as a great full-body moisturizer.

Reason #1: All of Your Skin’s Daily Moisture Needs Covered

The bottom line is that everyone needs to supplement their skin with moisture. There are just so many factors that contribute to moisture loss, especially as we get older. These include a reduction in sebum production, dry air due to climate and exposure to chemicals and pollutants. That being said, this cream lives up to its name by being intensely moisturizing, fully restoring the skin’s moisture balance while strengthening its natural barrier to prevent moisture loss from occurring.

Reason #2: All-Natural Formula

Did you know that many skincare products on the market are loaded with chemical and artificial ingredients that simply don’t belong on our skin? Not only can these ingredients be damaging and drying, but they can introduce unwanted toxins and other impurities into the body through the pores, such as those that disrupt the endocrine system or kidneys. We use all natural ingredients in our CBD Moisturizing Cream, as we believe in incorporating as many plant-based ingredients as possible. These ingredients aren’t only better for you, but they have their own beneficial properties that can aid in the healing of the skin.

Reason #3: Great for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then this is the moisturizer that you want to incorporate into your routine. Because each ingredient was carefully selected for its gentle nature, you will likely find that your skin doesn’t react harshly to it as it may with harsher formulas. Sensitive skin typically cannot handle artificial fragrances and alcohols that damage its moisture barrier, and we are proud to say that our cream is free of these ingredients.

Reason #4: Soothing to Irritation

Our skin can get quite irritated, especially during the winter when the dry, cold air zaps it of protective moisture. Meanwhile, cannabidiol is renowned for its soothing properties alongside the plant butters and oils in our creams. This creates an environment in which the skin is given the space to recover and become stronger.

Reason #5: Non-Comedogenic

Our formula is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not contain ingredients that have been found to clog the pores and contribute to acne. Many skincare products contain more comedogenic ingredients, but not our CBD moisturizer. This makes our formula ideal for those with acne-prone skin.

Reason #6: Potential Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation can rear its ugly head on our skin, causing us to develop dry, flaky patches, redness, and itching. Inflammatory conditions like eczema can cause the skin to become unsightly. Good moisturizers can help ease discomfort and help support the skin’s healthy moisture barriers.

Reason #7: Can Support Clear Skin

Cannabidiol may act as a sebostatic agent that regulates the production of sebum from the pores. Sebum production is directly tied to acne, as sebum that is too thick or too abundant causes the pores to clog and become infected, turning into a pimple. Sebum production is largely regulated by the hormones, which is why those with hormonal imbalances are more acne-prone. CBD may bind to receptors in the skin that signal the release of sebum, helping to regulate healthy production.

Reason #8: Rich in Antioxidants

The hemp plant is rich in antioxidants, which are known to be excellent at fighting off free-radicals.  As we age, our skin cells lose their ability to regenerate as efficiently as they once did, which is why the skin can develop a dull appearance lacking in vibrancy.  Antioxidants play a major role in supporting youthful skin and maintaining a glowing appearance.

Reason #9: Fast-Absorbing

No one wants a moisturizer that leaves behind a greasy mess and lasts through the day. Our formula absorbs quickly and easily through the skin, so that you won’t have residue that makes your face feel sticky, tacky or oily. This also means CBD reaches the areas where it’s needed most, as fast as possible.

Reason #10: Organically Grown, American, and Lab-Tested Hemp = Effective! 

CBD Moisturizing Cream is made with the finest hemp that we can grow. We use only American hemp, and are proud to partner with family farms across the country in creating the best cannabinoid blends possible. Our hemp is grown organically – free of harsh toxins like pesticides that can do damage when absorbed into the body. Not to mention, our extracts are pure and powerful, tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure maximum quality.

Maximum Skincare Satisfaction Starts with Beyond Botanicals CBD Moisturizer

If your skincare routine could use a little help, Beyond Botanicals CBD Moisturizing Cream is the perfect addition to your regimen. By using it daily, you can support healthy complexion with naturally derived ingredients that work together to improve its appearance, resilience, and overall wellness. All-natural and gentle, it’s perfect for any skin type, and allows you to experience the power of cannabidiol in a whole new way.


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