Beyond Botanicals Guide to Setting a CBD Budget

The cannabidiol (CBD) craze has gotten everyone talking, but many potential enthusiasts feel excluded because of hemp’s reputation for being enormously expensive. Sure, CBD isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, but the reality is that just about anyone can afford to take it daily in a way that can produce effective results.

Taking CBD is Expensive: Fact or Fiction?

First, let’s make the cost of CBD clear. The idea that CBD is simply unaffordable for most people is no longer true. This belief is the result of two convergent influences. First, when CBD first went mainstream, raw materials costs were sky high. This is because there were not yet many farmers growing hemp. Low supply meant high demand and higher prices to follow. Over the last five years, pricing has decreased significantly as more farmers with more space devote their time to growing hemp, dropping materials costs.

Secondly, many sellers are trying to maximize profits by selling their products at 2015 prices. Most reputable sellers have continued to drop prices as the years go by, passing on their materials savings to the consumer.

Still, CBD can cost more than people might expect, and for good reason. To produce a CBD product such as a tincture or topical, a hemp extract is required. Hemp extracts are highly-concentrated and require a lot of plant material to yield a practical amount of CBD. Despite the falling costs of hemp crop in the last half decade, it’s still a more expensive crop than most other supplements.

How Can Someone Maintain a Hemp Routine within a Set Budget?

To take CBD routinely while still saving money, there are plenty of strategies you can implement. Before explaining what those are, one point needs to be made clear. We do not recommend simply choosing the cheapest CBD you can find to save money. Today’s hemp market has a lot of exceptional-quality products, but there are companies who make their products dishonestly. Amazon’s “CBD” selection is a great example of this. Their terms of service prohibit CBD sales, meaning that any hemp extract product you buy on Amazon does not contain CBD. It the price looks too good to be true….well, you know the rest.

You’ll never go wrong if you stick to recognized CBD companies like Beyond Botanicals, and follow these tips:

Tip #1: Wait for Sales

If you’re budget is tighter than you’d like right, you can stock up on CBD when a company is having a sale.  A great way to know when a sale is coming is to be on the company’s mailing list and follow them on social media.  This can also give you access to exclusive deals and coupon codes that the general public does not know about.

When you stock up, try to buy no more CBD than you know you can use in the next six months. CBD products do have an expiration date, and after they expire, they can be far less effective. Storing your extra CBD in a cool, dark, and dry place like a cabinet, can prolong its life as well.

Tip #2: Take Only as Much as Needed

A lot of people are so excited about what CBD can offer that they end up taking higher doses or more frequent doses than they actually need to see results. Most people find that a single dose each day in a moderate milligram strength gives them what they are looking for, while ensuring that their routine remains affordable.

Follow the instructions on the package to take the recommended amount, and after two weeks you can decide whether or not you need a stronger dose.

Tip #3: Find an Affordable Brand

A lot of companies sell high-quality hemp at great prices because they have good relationships with hemp farmers. Better still, they handle most of their manufacturing in-house, which cuts down on outsourcing costs tremendously. By finding companies that manufacture their own products, you can find affordable CBD oil that has the quality level that you’re looking for.

The best ways to know whether or not a CBD company actually sticks to high quality standards are to:

  • Look at online reviews from real users.
  • View third-party lab reports printed on their website. These lab reports come from an unbiased, registered laboratory who has carefully analyzed the company’s hemp to make sure that the quality level is high.
  • Make sure their packaging has clear explanation of contents and dosing

You Can Enjoy a Productive CBD Routine without Breaking the Bank

Taking CBD daily doesn’t have to ruin your bank account. Plenty of companies offer great prices and special discounts around the year so that anyone can get their hands on quality hemp. At Beyond Botanicals, we keep our price affordable by manufacturing all of our own products, so that you can enjoy an effective hemp regimen without going broke in the process.

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