Education: A Core Value At Beyond Botanicals

CBD Education: Why Is It Important?

When we introduced ourselves to the world with premium CBD products at the beginning of 2017, we established three core values: Quality, Transparency, and Education. Quality in our products and Transparency in our processes are traits that we value passionately, and that we’re excited to continue innovating and improving. Education is perhaps the most important, because it helps us – together with all of you – show how immensely helpful the CBD industry can be, to people who may not believe it yet.

The Education component of our mission breaks down into these important issues:

The Benefits of CBD

CBD has a myriad of benefits and potential medical uses, which are what drove us to start Beyond Botanicals with a focus on CBD in the first place. In the coming days, we hope to highlight not only the benefits of CBD, but exactly how it works in the body, so that you can learn more, share more, and help us all to be more well-informed.


The Legality of CBD

Those of you who are already familiar with and fond of CBD are quite familiar with the legal discussion revolving around a cannabis derived product, but plenty are still looking to learn more. Oftentimes, people who could benefit from CBD are afraid to try it because they have unfounded fears about its legality. To help, we’re committed to providing regular updates on national cannabis legislation as news develops, making us a great source for you to stay current and keep your friends and family updated, too.


The Research on CBD

The more interest in this powerful cannabinoid grows, the more focus and funding there is on researching its uses. In our early days, we hope to spread the word as much as possible about emerging studies. In the months and years ahead, we hope to use our growth to help contribute to these studies, ensuring that they have the funding, materials, and support they need to continue exploring the science behind an amazing plant.


Do you have questions about the benefits of CBD, or its place in recent news articles? We’d love to hear from you. The answer to your question might even become our next blog post. Write to us at