Choosing CBD Topicals: Warming, Cooling, or Neutral

When it comes to apply CBD directly to the specific area of the body, there is no better product than a CBD topical. These CBD products offer a unique approach the benefits of cannabinoids, as they are applied directly to the skin to absorb quickly and efficiently. Next to infused beverages, CBD skincare is the next fastest-growing segment of the hemp market. With this market growth, innovations in CBD topicals are constant! In addition to traditional moisturizers, there are now a variety of warming and cooling topicals available.

How are CBD Topicals Used?

CBD topicals are any CBD product designed to be applied to the skin, for external use only. This is in contrast to mediums like tinctures, which are for ingestion. Topicals work by targeting a particular area of the body with CBD and other cannabinoids, allowing them to absorb directly into the applied area and remain localized to the tissue of the skin, muscles, and joints below. Whereas tinctures disperse CBD throughout the body, hemp skincare is good for more focused application.

Different Kinds of Topicals on the Market

With so much diversity in the CBD topical market, there are all kinds of formulas that deliver CBD in essentially the same manner. Enthusiasts have a choice of balms, salves, lotions, creams, butters, massage oils, gels, and even adhesive patches. To make your choices even more varied, you’re able to select from a wide array of milligram strengths, scents, ingredients, and more.

Many current CBD topicals incorporate additional ingredients to maximize their potential benefits. The best products incorporate natural remedies like arnica, menthol, and lavender to produce their potent results alongside the benefits of CBD.

Cooling and Warming Topicals

More recently, topicals are also being incorporated with ingredients that impart a warming or cooling sensation. Both of these formulas commonly use natural ingredients to achieve these effects, although there are some artificial offerings in the marketplace.

Cooling topicals impart a chilly sensation that can be felt seconds or minutes after application. This cool feeling usually comes from menthol, which is a natural compound in plants of the mint family. This cooling effect is not just superficial! Although menthol has been used this way for centuries, recent studies have proven its capabilities. These properties can provide cooling relief as well as supporting healthy circulation.

Warming topicals, meanwhile, provide a sensation similar to applying a heat pack to yourself. They usually achieve this feeling using natural spices like cayenne extract, ginger, or pepper. These are popular in physical therapy due to the importance of warmth in relieving tension. Warming topicals are far more likely to cause discomfort though, especially if you sweat after applying them. When you sweat, your pores open, and a cayenne pepper extract is the last thing you want getting into your pores; that warming sensation could become a burning sensation quickly and unexpectedly!

Choosing Between a Cooling Topical and a Warming Topical

If you’re looking to maximize the benefits that a CBD topical can provide, your best bet is to choose a good base product with warming or cooling ingredients added. Ultimately, we believe that cooling topicals offer the most effectiveness and safety. Cooling products are much more consistent with none of the potential discomfort that warming products can occasionally cause. If you’re set on buying a warming product, you should make especially sure it comes from a dependable and recognized manufacturer who has experience in cosmetic chemistry.

Enhance Your CBD Topical Routine with Natural Cooling Agents for Maximum Relief

The world of CBD topicals includes a huge spectrum of advanced formulas that use hemp as a primary ingredient. And now, there is an influx of more companies adding new and promising ingredients. Easily, the best enhanced topicals that you can use are those that incorporate cooling agents for further relief.

For a cooling topical with the strongest possible sensation, we recommend trying one like our 500mg CBD-infused cooling gel. But, if you don’t like the smell of menthol and camphor, or you just want something more mild, you can’t go wrong with a classic moisturizing cream with CBD. No matter what you pick, it’s important to buy from a registered and tested company that has your safety in mind. After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ, and it deserves only the safest, cleanest, and purest ingredients!

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