Product Spotlight: CBD Liquid Gel Capsules

With each passing year, manufacturers are finding more products to incorporate CBD into. There are CBD gummies, tinctures, creams, bath bombs, candles, massage oils – even pillows! Some products, like the candles, bath bombs, and pillows simply don’t work. They’re gimmicks designed to take advantage of consumers who don’t know any better. In our product spotlight series, we’ll take a look at each of the worthwhile forms of CBD products. So, continue reading to learn more about the easiest way to take your CBD – liquid gel capsules!

Because of how simple they are, CBD capsules can be some of the cleanest and purest CBD products available. They have only three main ingredients: an outer shell, a carrier oil, and the CBD that it holds. Because there are different ingredients available for each part, the size, shape, and color of these liquid gel capsules can vary. Here at Beyond Botanicals, the shells of our capsules use no animal ingredients. We use a plant based shell, which means CBD capsules can be great for vegetarians. We stand by our commitment not to use animal products, and take that very seriously. For us, capsules are no exception. Our carrier oil is an organic coconut oil. And finally, the CBD can be either full spectrum or CBD-isolate depending on your preference.

To ensure quality, the best CBD capsule products should always use hemp from United States that grows to organic standards. The capsules shouldn’t use any animal byproducts. Last but not least, the carrier oil should be USDA organic if possible.

Close up of CBD liquid gel capsules

According to the CDC, in the last decade nearly 50% of Americans take at least one prescription drug. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that almost everybody is familiar with swallowing a pill. It makes sense to take something easy, that people are familiar with, and use it to deliver CBD! So, lots of people use pills or capsules of some sort, but what are the benefits of putting CBD in them?

It’s simple. Liquid Gel Capsules are:

  • The most convenient way to take CBD
  • The easiest way to take CBD
  • The most precise way to measure CBD
  • Small, easy to swallow, and tasteless
  • Fast – no waiting, holding, or rubbing in

All of these benefits mean that there’s no stress, no guesswork, and best of all – no mess.

How much CBD is right for me?

The beautiful thing about CBD pills or capsules is their dosing. That is to say, they’re very consistent! Unlike other products where you need to measure how much you used, capsules are more precise. Every single capsule has a specific amount of CBD in it. Look at our full spectrum CBD capsules for example. With 25mg of CBD in each capsule, they don’t get any easier than this! Other products like oils have the advantage of choice – you can take a third or a half of a dropper for less CBD, but you can’t take half a capsule. However, they make up for that in ease of use and are a favorite for this reason. Many people start with one capsule per day and work in a second if needed.

“Low and slow” is a classic mantra for hemp products. It means that you start with the smallest amount possible. You give that dose some time to see how it works, and if needed add more from there for better affect. Since everybody has a different metabolism, this is the best way to get the perfect amount of CBD for your body. Like other CBD products derived from hemp, CBD capsules will not get you “high”.

There’s not a lot of work to do to figure out how much CBD you’re getting with capsules, which makes them a favorite for people who are new to CBD. Take a look at our CBD capsule bottle and you’ll see that the amount of CBD in each capsule is clearly listed. Nothing confusing, no second guessing! Just take one capsule and you’re all set.

Beyond Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules


It’s easy to take CBD capsules

CBD capsules aren’t big, so they’re easy to swallow for almost anyone. They’re just as effective as CBD oil or CBD gummies, too. Especially if you already take other pills each day, it’s easy as pie to add your CBD. Take a capsule with a sip of water to wash it down, and you’re ready to get on with your day. Whether you take them in the morning or at night depends on when you need the benefits of CBD most. Keep in mind with capsules that it will take about an hour to feel the effects of the CBD. This is because it must be digested before it can take effect, just like any other food or supplement you swallow.

In comparison, CBD oils can act faster, but not everybody likes the test of them. That’s a tradeoff worth weighing, but there’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of tasteless capsules. For these reasons, CBD capsules reign supreme when it comes to convenience.


Help Support Your Sleep Schedule

CBD is great for providing a sense of calm relaxation. If you have a long work day ahead of you, then it’s great to start your day with some CBD for support throughout the day. Taken before bed, they’ll help that sense of relaxation carry right through the night while you get some peaceful and well-deserved rest. If you use CBD capsules in the evening, it’s best to take them 30-60 minutes before bed.


CBD Made Simple

It doesn’t get more convenient than making CBD liquid gel capsules part of your daily routine. They provide easy, reliable concentrations in a small, tasteless, easy to swallow capsule. Whether you’re focused on fighting stress, making more time to relax, or improving your sleep schedule, you cannot go wrong with CBD capsules. People on their feet all day and athletes find capsules particularly beneficial as they’re a fast and convenient way to experience the benefits of CBD. Since they’re so easy to incorporate, they go great with other ways to take CBD too.

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