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    If you want a slight peach aftertaste after taking CBD oil, then this is the oil you need. Thank you for this find and fast shipping. I am delighted!
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil | Peach Flavor | 3000 mg CBD


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    This Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is naturally peach flavored for a juicy, savory finish. 3000 mg of pure hemp CBD with an intact terpene and cannabinoid profile due to our Supercritical C02 extraction method. Our most potent blend.

    3000mg = 100mg per serving


    Ingredients: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Hempseed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Flavor.

    Our CBD is Lab Tested for Purity and Potency

    We begin by using only organically grown American hemp and vertically integrate our entire enterprise from seed to sale to ensure our products are pure, potent, and free of contaminants. As a result of our CO2 extraction methods, our CBD is free of any residual solvents while having the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that make for world class CBD products. This is why our CBD Lab Results and Certificates of Analysis come up “clean” every time.

    Every Batch of CBD is Tested

    Every batch of Beyond Botanicals products are tested by ISO-certified third party laboratories to ensure our certificates of analysis contain accurate and reliable information. Results for all batches are available below. Check a test – you’ll see the analysis of the full cannabinoid profile to proving that our products are as-advertised and contain below the legal limit of 0.3% THC. On the relevant full-spectrum products, you’ll also see the full terpene profile. This makes for premium CBD with results you can see. With our portal, Wholesale Clients can easily collect COA for the specific products they place in their stores. Our White Label Clients also have access to these certificates and the opportunity to rebrand them in their company’s name. View all our CBD Lab Test results here.

    CBD Testing Types and Results

    Our products are tested using Liquid Chromatography. This allows us to see all components and to make sure that our products are clean but also have all of the CBD dosages as advertised. The depth of these tests also allow for the analysis of other cannabinoids besides CBD, many of which may have wellness properties of their own including CBG and CBN. The tests also confirm that THC is either not present at all, or is present at less than .3%, which means our products meet federal specifications.

    Shopper Guide to Our CBD Products

    CBD Tinctures

    • Consistent dosing, down to the drop
    • Variety of flavors to choose from
    • Available in from 300 to 3000mg
    • Discreet and TSA friendly

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    CBD Body Butters

    • Full body care from head to toe
    • All plant-based formula
    • Absorbs quickly. Great smooth feel
    • 300-1200mg CBD for every need

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    CBD Gel Capsules

    • Potent CBD oil in vegan capsules
    • Rich in terpenes and cannabinoids
    • Easy and consistent dosing
    • 30 or 60 per bottle. Buy 60 and save $5

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    Know Before You Buy

    CBD is about trust. Trust in the ingredients, trust in the manufacturer and trust in your provider. All our CBD products are produced under close scrutiny – from the hemp farms themselves to your finished product. You can trust Beyond Botanicals to be a part of your daily wellness routine. We invite you to contact us with any questions before you buy.

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    Easy, Adjustable Dosing

    CBD Oil Tinctures

    CBD Oil Tinctures are blends of CBD extract in carriers like coconut and hemp seed oil. Traditionally, the word “tincture” refers to an alcohol extraction. Due to the rise in solvent-free extractions like our CO2 method, “tincture” has informally grown to include oil carriers in the CBD space. CBD oils like ours are shelf stable, travel friendly, and provide a very easy method for consistent dosing. You can take them by mouth or in a bit of juice or tea, and you can control the dose down the the very drop. Because CBD has a naturally peppery taste, we even offer different flavors like Mint and Peach. 

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    Consistent Dosing, Familiar Form

    CBD Capsules

    CBD capsules contain concentrated CBD in coconut oil. They are tasteless and odorless, and are taken like any other tablet or vitamin. Liquid capsules are convenient because they contain specifically measured amounts of CBD, are easy to swallow and can easily become a part of your wellness routine. To ensure the highest quality CBD capsules, we blend full spectrum hemp extract from organically grown hemp into USDA organic coconut oil. There are no other ingredients! Simplicity, quality, and convenience meld into one great package with our CBD capsules. 

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    Great Tasting, Chewable, On-The-Go CBD

    CBD Gummies

    CBD edibles, like gummies, are an easy way to get a measured amount of CBD. Our gummies have a delicious citrus flavor and are easy to travel with. They’re made using hemp-derived extract and a variety of natural ingredients that are friendly for our vegan customers, too! If you don’t like swallowing capsules or using a dropper of oil, gummies are sure to be a satisfactory alternative to getting your CBD without feeling uncomfortable.


    Moisturizers, Cooling Gels, and Massage Oils

    CBD Topicals

    Hemp-extracted CBD oil blends well into a variety of traditional skincare products. They are effective because the benefits of each product combine with the benefits of CBD for added impact. Since topical products are placed directly onto the skin, you want to make sure your products only contain safe ingredients. Our topicals are used by professional massage therapists, athletes, dermatologists and everyday people who are looking for an all-natural CBD addition to their daily wellness routine. Whether it’s our luxurious body butter, light moisturizing cream, potent cooling gel, or relaxing massage oil, you’ll fall in love with our CBD skincare line. 

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    Pure, Simple, Clean

    CBD Isolate

    CBD isolates are crystalline powders in excess of 99% pure CBD. These powders are very potent and can mix into oils for vaping, cooking, or direct ingestion. They are best for people who are already well familiar with CBD and comfortable with managing higher doses. Because of the difficulty in measuring precise amounts or dosages with pure CBD isolate, CBD newcomers should use pre-measured products like tinctures and edibles as an introduction. Isolates are for “advanced” users only, and as with all CBD products they should be accompanied by a 3rd party lab test ensuring their potency and purity.

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    Flavor Fact

    Peaches, which we use to flavor this CBD elixir, were spread from Asia by Alexander the Great. Their love of a cold snap in spring helped them conquer Europe’s gardens.

    Foreign Fruit

    If you love Beyond Botanicals Peach CBD oil, you’re in good company. Peaches arrived in Europe in the 1600s and were a favorite after-dinner treat of Queen Victoria.

    You're Protected!

    Love our Peach CBD oil? You’re in good company. In Ancient China peach blossoms were spread before the feet of the Emperor and used to fend off evil spirits and give him strength.