Why Buying American Grown Hemp Is Important

Organic Hemp Plants

When shopping for cannabidiol (CBD), you should look for a few important things. First, a preferable delivery method. Pick whatever is most enjoyable and convenient for you. Secondly, clean ingredients. Plant derived, natural, and made from American hemp. Finally, the best strength for your needs. With these needs in mind, let’s talk about the benefits of American grown hemp.

Ideally, you should strive for organically grown hemp from the USA. Although the USDA badge is becoming more prevalent, not all state regulators are participating in this program yet. When in doubt, ask your CBD brand for materials testing to show they aren’t using any pesticides or other added chemicals. Organically grown American hemp is the gold standard, and provides the best CBD experience.

Why Organically Grown?

There is no doubt that hemp grown organically is superior, especially when compared to imported crop at lower standards. Keep in mind that for hemp to be titled organic, it must have a stamp of approval from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This badge is given to companies that have proven to use only organic growing methods. Unfortunately, not all 50 states have a hemp program that integrates with the USDA standard. Farmers in these states can grow to USDA organic standards, but cannot get the badge until their state regulatory framework is updated.

Farmers, and CBD companies, in this position often make materials testing available to their customers to prove their compliance until the USDA program opens to them.

What then makes organic hemp so preferable?  Well, a few things.

One is that conventional farming methods can rely heavily on synthetic growing aids like pesticides. These deter rodents and insects that can damage crops. There are also synthetic fertilizers that aid in a plant’s ability to reach maturity and deliver a generous yield.

The problem is that these synthetic products can be harmful to the body. They can soak into the crop and produce toxic effects if consumed in high doses or over long periods of time. Organic farms rely instead on natural products to deter pests and weeds, and fertilize the plants. Nature has given us plenty of farming aids that do not require the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Organic growing methods yield a higher-quality plant overall. We know that the chemicals used in conventional farming can reduce the nutrient density of vegetables. The same goes for hemp, which boasts a healthy array of essential nutrients including vitamins and fatty acids.

On top of that, these conventional farming methods can dramatically reduce the chemical stability of desirable compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes, including cannabidiol. This can degrade them to the point that their potency is lost. This is why it is important to select a CBD product made from pesticide-free organic growing standards.

Overall, organic hemp is better for you, and more likely to provide the results that you’re looking for. The good news is that the majority of CBD manufacturers use organically grown hemp because they understand the enormous difference that it can make in the quality of the product.

Why United States-Grown Hemp?

In addition to sourcing only CBD products that come from organically grown hemp, you should make sure that the hemp comes from the United States, as the U.S. is not the only exporter of industrial hemp.

Go Domestic for Farming Standards

It is always best to go with domestic hemp because it is grown according to USDA-compliant farming standards. These are extremely high compared to many other countries, with very few exceptions. US farmers that grow industrial hemp are held to higher standards and must therefore yield higher quality products.

Supporting Our American Small Businesses

Beyond that, buying domestically grown hemp supports our industry in this country, so that it can continue to flourish as it has been over the last several years. Without a hemp industry that is thriving in our country, we have to rely on other countries to get our CBD products. This can come with various disadvantages- mainly higher pricing and lower quality.


Another benefit to choosing U.S.-grown hemp has to do with freshness. Hemp that is transported from another country can be held up in customs for long periods of time, and we know that the compounds of the plant can degrade relatively quickly if not stored properly during transport. As hemp degrades, its cannabinoids lose their effectiveness rapidly. Therefore, hemp that travels only from state to state is more likely to be fresh and potent to offer the effects for which CBD is known.

The Best Hemp is Organically Grown in the United States

There are many reasons to seek out CBD that comes from organically and domestically grown industrial hemp. These two factors ultimately lead to a higher quality product. The good news is that most companies disclose what country their hemp comes from, and whether or not it was grown organically.

At Beyond Botanicals, we are proud of our hemp products, which are all made organic compliant farms right here in the United States.

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