American Private Label CBD

Since we entered the industry in 2017, Beyond Botanicals’ mission as your CBD partner is to share safe and effective hemp extract products. We offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services, including manufacturing partners, packaging design, process improvement, fulfillment, and more. We’re dedicated to helping overcome the stigma surrounding the many benefits of the hemp plant, and supporting intelligent legislation for the US cannabis industry. We are industry leaders through relentless pursuit of our three core values:

Organic American Hemp


Beyond Botanicals works exclusively with partners who exemplify the American small business. Each of our manufacturing partners is a privately held, family owned and operated CBD Manufacturer. Since our inception, we have grown into a premier provider of customized hemp extract products for over 320 different industry brands.

We work exclusively with family owned hemp farms across the United States to ensure the hemp used in our CBD products is grown to organic standards.

Once harvested, the hemp is processed using the cleanest available extraction methods to create CBD products with no residual solvents or contaminants. Products are packaged in a FDA-registered, cGMP-certified facility. We’re confident that we offer the best possible CBD products and we look forward to being your partner for all things hemp. 

Strict CBD Lab Testing


We’ve done the hard work of vetting manufacturing partners for you. After extensive in-person visits to audit each manufacturing facility we partner with, we’ve developed a network of private label manufacturing options to fit your brand with a partner who helps you best.

To make sure our products exceed the highest quality standards, our facilities perform rigorous in-house testing to rule out the possibility of contamination. Before it’s released to you, each batch of product is tested by a third-party lab for quality confirmation. These tests confirm that the CBD in our products is as-advertised. The trusted independent labs who perform this testing are ISO-17025 certified and DEA registered.

You receive branded copies of each test to share with your customers. With Beyond Botanicals, peace of mind is never far away. 

Regulations and Research


The hemp industry is still young, and laws routinely change from day to day. In order to remain legally compliant and keep the highest quality standards, it’s important to know current trends and developments across the market. This reduces the risk of needing to remove your products from the shelf. 

We use our industry knowledge to provide evidence-based guidance for your individual needs as well as broader direction for our business clients. As veterans of the space, we’re committed to distilling this knowledge into simple, easily understandable talking points. This accessible information helps people from all walks of life better understand the safety and importance of hemp.

As a business owner, you should have the information and education to sell quality CBD safely; we’re here to make sure of it.

farmer holding hemp soil

True to Our Roots

American Hemp

Beyond Botanicals proudly partners with family owned hemp farms to achieve a truly American small business that supports white label and private label CBD clients of all sizes. We combine unparalleled responsiveness and customer experience with the best manufacturing partners for an unparalleled experience.

This process begins with our farming partners. Each farm is committed to producing only the best non-GMO, organically-grown, outdoor hemp. We use cutting-edge extraction techniques to obtain hemp’s active cannabinoids without contamination, creating clean and effective products. Each  harvest and extraction is independently tested to meet state and federal regulations for compliant sale no matter where you are located.

From Hemp Seed to Product Shelf

Quality Control

From the farm to your door, we pride ourselves on facilitating the industry’s premiere manufacturing partnerships, and ensuring the integrity and transparency of your brand. Every step of the production process has been optimized to meet or exceed FDA standards, cGMP guidelines, and Federal Farm Bill compliance.

Our team has experience participating in regulatory audits by the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Consumer Protection, OSHA, and numerous state-level regulatory agencies. This veteran knowledge allows us to secure you access amazing hemp products made to elite standards of quality. 

image of cbd quality control scientist in hemp field