About Private Label CBD Packaging

Along with your labels, packaging is the most important component of your brand strategy. Whether you sell online or in-store, packaging is your customer’s first impression of your product. Many people say not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest – first impressions are significant, and every possible advantage helps. If you learn about Private Label CBD Packaging design you’ll be ahead of the curve.

CBD Product Packaging Options

We have time-and-quality tested most types of cosmetic and supplement packaging to learn which are consistently the best options for your Private Label or White Label CBD products.

Whether we are talking about aesthetics, ease of use, cost or shelf space requirements, we know what works – and doesn’t. There are questions of function, form, ease of use, and complexity. How will your product fit on a retailer’s shelf? Will it need a customized (expensive) display? Can your custom packaging be replicated by more than one supplier?

Especially when it comes to CBD, there can be state-by-state variations in labeling requirements. You’ll need to consider the ability for your packaging and labels to be modified quickly, and sometimes frequently.

In our years of bringing CBD brands to market, we’ve encountered most of the questions, complications and tough choices facing retail CBD brands. Through these experiences, we’ve developed a refined and successful approach to helping you choose the best packaging options for your CBD products.

To make the process as streamlined as possible, we stock a select variety of packaging sizes and colors for most products. We’ve found these to be the best options, refined through years of manufacturing, packaging and selling.

Through our private label program, you’ll have access to:

  • CBD oils use glass bottles, and droppers with graduated markings. Graduated markings help users get exact doses every time.
  • BPA-free plastic jars for CBD body butters and cosmetics
  • Premium airless pumps for measured delivery and an oxygen-free environment which prevents the need for excessive synthetic preservatives.
  • BPA-free plastic bottles for CBD gummies, capsules, and massage oils.
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The Best Packaging for Your CBD Products

In order to become a part of our stock offerings, packaging candidates are evaluated for criteria including availability, safety, accurate capacity, and cleanliness. GMP-compliant supplier audits are performed on each packaging supplier, saving you time and ensuring one less thing for you to worry about in launching your new products. We were one of the first companies in the industry to introduce measured droppers for CBD oil packaging, and we continue to innovate across other SKUs. Our airless pumps are an effective way to package creams that are as natural as possible, without the need for harmful synthetic preservatives. All packaging for ingestible products includes child-resistant seals for full FDA compliance. Most products are also available in a variety of sizes which we can custom quote based on your needs.

private label cbd packaging color options grid

Choosing Package Colors

We make an effort to stock as many color options as possible for each packaging style or design trend. Oil bottle options include amber, blue, black, white, and green. Airless pumps are available in white and blue. Butters and balms can be packaged in white plastic or amber glass. Your account manager can give you full details on what’s available for your specific products.

Many people ask if it’s possible to do clear packaging to align with their brand vision. For certain products like gummies, clear packaging is okay because the products are relatively shelf stable. For skincare and CBD oils, we always advise against using clear packaging. This is because sunlight can cause products to change colors (by oxidizing), and cause CBD to break down over time.

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Provide Your Own Packaging

If you’re looking for something truly unique and you haven’t found it in our catalog, you are able to use custom cannabis packaging for your target audience. There are generally no upcharges for providing your own packaging unless it requires significantly more labor to fill. Your account manager will work with the production team to receive a sample of your packaging and evaluate it for seal, durability, capacity, and safety before proceeding into production with it. You can ask your account manager for more details on this process as you review packaging options.

packing sample for private label cbd products


What is meant by CBD packaging design?

Packaging design refers to the appearance of your product – everything from labels and bottles to boxes and inserts. Through the private label program, you have full control over every aspect of your product’s appearance and content.

What kind of CBD packaging design can you offer?

Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to develop customized labels, exterior boxes, and primary packaging. Each will have coloring and finishing options available to ensure a truly unique appearance for your brand.

Do you offer packaging color options for CBD packaging design?

Yes, many of our stock packaging options include different color varieties. We also have a network of packaging partners which we can rely on to source additional options and variations.

Can I use my own packaging for CBD products?

Yes, you can use your own packaging. Your account manager will work with you to properly audit your supplier and confirm that the products are food-safe before being used to make your product. Higher minimums may apply for custom packaging.


Work With Beyond Botanicals

Private Label CBD

Beyond Botanicals is one of the leading Private Label CBD manufacturing consultants in the US. We can create your own unique product line to meet your rigorous requirements, all the while guiding you through the process of starting your own CBD business.


White Label CBD

White Labeling CBD products is the fastest way for you to launch your own CBD company. You will choose from a best-selling selection of premium CBD products, then work with our team to design and apply great looking branded labels. All the reward of your own line, without the overhead!