Know Before You Buy

CBD is all about trust. Trust in the ingredients, trust in the manufacturer and trust in your brand partners. When you work with Beyond Botanicals, your CBD products are produced under close scrutiny – from the hemp farms themselves to each finished product. You can trust Beyond Botanicals to help build your brand’s daily wellness routine. We invite you to contact us with any questions about a partnership.

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Easy, Adjustable Dosing

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures are blends of hemp extract in carriers like coconut and hemp seed oil. Traditionally, the word “tincture” refers to an alcohol extraction. Because hemp extracts are oil soluble, “tincture” has informally grown to include oil carriers in the CBD space. CBD oils are shelf stable, travel friendly, and provide an easy method for consistent dosing.

You can take them by mouth or in a bit of juice or tea, and you can control the dose down the a single drop. CBD oils are available in natural and flavored varieties. Blends of additional cannabinoids like CBG and CBN are also becoming quite popular. 

Consistent Dosing, Familiar Form

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules contain concentrated CBD in measured doses. They are tasteless and odorless, and are taken like any other tablet or vitamin. Liquid capsules are convenient because they contain specifically measured amounts of CBD, are easy to swallow and quick integrate with your wellness routine.

We use the fewest possible ingredients to create our capsules. Usually, this means a carrier like hempseed or coconut oil, and CBD. That’s it! We’re also able to offer additional cannabinoids as well as melatonin and curcumin. Simplicity, quality, and convenience meld into one great package with CBD capsules. 

CBD Capsules

Great Tasting, Chewable, On-The-Go CBD

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are the most popular form of edibles. They are a delicious, convenient way to get a measured amount of CBD. Beyond Botanicals can help you introduce an effective, good-tasting line of gummies that are pectin-based, satisfying clients of all preferences.

Gummies can be made in THC-free or full-spectrum varieties. The full-spectrum gummies offer maximum relaxation and are legal in most states. 

If you don’t like swallowing capsules or using a dropper of oil, gummies are sure to be a satisfactory alternative to getting your CBD without inconvenience. 

Moisturizers, Cooling Gels, and Body Butters

CBD Topicals

Hemp-extracted CBD oil blends well into a variety of traditional skincare products. . Since topical products are placed directly onto the skin, you want to make sure your products only contain safe ingredients. Beyond Botanicals offers a variety of award-winning topical formulas that are used by professional massage therapists, athletes, dermatologists and everyday people who are looking for an all-natural CBD addition to their daily wellness routine.

Whether it’s a luxurious body butter, light moisturizing cream, potent cooling gel, or relaxing massage oil, your customers will fall in love with this premium skincare line. 

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