CBD Manufacturing: Understanding CBD Expiration Dates

The FDA specifies that dietary supplement expiration dates must be supported by valid data which demonstrates the accuracy of the date. These can be presented in variations such as “best by” or “use by”, but the data requirement applies to all wordings. In addition to lab tests and COA for our products, everything you order from Beyond Botanicals will have both a batch number and expiration date printed on them for peace of mind and transparency.


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Products?

A product’s shelf life is determined by lifespan the ingredients that go into it. Generally, good form is to begin by setting a product’s expiration date equal to the date of the ingredient that expires first as a safe baseline. From there, labs that perform stability testing can assess whether the ingredients blended together interact in a way that causes a longer or shorter shelf life, and hone in on the most accurate date possible.

The easiest way for you and your customers to preserve shelf life as long as possible is to store all products at room temp, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Contrary to years of tradition, the bathroom medicine cabinet isn’t the best place for this due to the humidity that accumulates in most bathrooms.

The average CBD products are good for between 1 and 2 years when properly stored. This depends on when it is made and the materials that go into it. That range is much longer than most food products, which are usually set to expire in days, or weeks instead of years.


Can I Extend the Expiration Date of CBD Products?

Expiration dates for CBD products are relatively firm. While the FDA does allow for a manufacturer-initiated extension of an expiration date, it requires shelf-life testing of the product across three separate lots as the basis for application. The costs for this testing can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars, which makes it cost prohibitive for all but the largest of production runs. This is one of the most important reasons to have effective inventory management in place.

Understanding CBD Expiration Dates

Managing Inventory and Taking Orders

As a value-added service to our Private Label CBD and White Label CBD programs, Beyond Botanicals’ account managers will help you review your sales history to plan re-orders. The process can seem daunting if you haven’t done it before, but we’ll help every step of the way.

By understanding CBD expiration dates, you’ll see how analyzing how many units you sell over a given time period can help you determine the best time to re-order without having too much or too little inventory on hand. With a good understanding of industry bottlenecks like packaging backorders and seasonal laboratory delays, we can also help you prepare for delays that others might consider unexpected.

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