Learning About CBD Capsules

You’ll discover that CBD capsules and soft gels have one significant advantage over other varieties of orally consumed CBD products; they have the most consistent dosing. In short, you’ll get the same amount of CBD every time you take one. With other CBD products, such as tinctures, it can be more difficult to ensure you are getting an identical dose every time.

CBD Capsules and gel caps have a neutral taste. They are portable and travel friendly, so it’s easy to see why CBD capsules are often a best-selling product.

CBD capsules also require the least amount of additional ingredients. Tinctures and gummies, for example, often include a much larger of ingredients to get their taste and shelf life just right. CBD capsules themselves don’t have a taste, so we use that opportunity to provide the simplest product possible: pure hemp CBD oil blended with organic carrier in a capsule shell. Nothing more, nothing less.

What you get is a safe, healthy product with no additives or fillers, just top-shelf ingredients.

Types of CBD Capsules

Traditional capsules are made of two separate shells that slide into each other and contain a solid blend of herbs or powders. Our CBD Capsules – Soft gels – are vegan gel capsules made through an injection molding process. Each capsule is one solid piece with a seam, as opposed to two separate shells. Encapsulation machinery injects the liquid into each capsule, creating an airtight seal around it.

When it comes to CBD, softgels are preferable to traditional capsules because they contain only dosed hemp and MCT oils, without excipients like fillers and flow agents. What’s best is that they come in an easy-to-swallow, consistent form. This oil base gives you better absorption and higher bioavailability compared to raw herbs.

Vegetarian or Gelatin Capsules

When you learn about CBD Capsules and softgels, you’ll find that many types of capsules exist for pharmaceuticals and supplements. Capsules have traditionally been made with bovine gelatin which comes from animal byproducts and is the cheapest material available. Specifically, most capsules contain collagen – a protein from the connective tissues of cattle. While their low cost is beneficial, gelatin capsules can have a more limited appeal due to various religious and dietary restrictions.

In recent years, vegetarian and vegan CBD capsule and softgel options have emerged. Vegan capsules are made using cellulose – a plant fiber which is safe to ingest – and contain no animal byproducts. These capsules are ideal for making CBD softgels. They are durable, shelf-stable, and accessible to a growing number of CBD manufacturers. This means that whether you have dietary, ethical or religious restrictions on animal products, vegan CBD Gel Capsules will be safe and appropriate for you.

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How Are CBD Capsules Made?

Quality from Seed to Shelf

CBD Gel Capsules are made by taking a pre-blended mix of oils and sealing them into a cellulose shell. This process, called encapsulation, ensures that each softgel has an airtight seal where no liquid can leak out. Modern machinery keeps this seam smooth and barely visible, which means the softgels will always be easy to swallow and be consistent from batch to batch. This durability also leads to a significantly longer shelf life, with stability across a wide range of storage conditions.

Work With Beyond Botanicals

Private Label CBD

Beyond Botanicals is one of the leading Private Label CBD manufacturers in the US. We can create your own unique product line to meet your rigorous requirements, all the while guiding you through the process of starting your own CBD business.


White Label CBD

White Labeling CBD products is the fastest way for you to launch your own CBD company. You will choose from a best-selling selection of premium CBD products, then work with our team to design and apply great looking branded labels. All the reward of your own line, without the overhead!