Payment Processing

There are a variety of credit card processors on the market, ranging from big players like Square and PayPal to smaller, independent processors. Each has its pros and cons. We’ll work with you to identify the best fit for your business, get your account approved, and get all of your sales channels configured to accept payments. 

Identity Verification and Recordkeeping

Depending on the niche and state you operate in, the products you sell may be age restricted. There are automated digital solutions for validating ID on digital purchases, which save you processing time and streamline your customer experience. Our consultants will help you understand your obligations and deploy a tracking system for each sale. 

Customer Service

Responding to customer inquiries, processing returns, and consistent interaction to spur repeat sales can all be time-consuming processes. Whether you’d like your existing team trained in providing world-class customer experience, or you’d like to outsource that process entirely to a team you can trust, Beyond Botanicals has a package to fit your needs and budget. 

Website and Content Hosting

Whether you want to host and maintain a website yourself, or have the entire process automated, there are still some choices to make about what platform to build on. We’ll help you choose a program that’s best for you. We also offer copywriting and content creation services for products, blogs, and social media. 

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is a huge world. It can be intimidating, leaving you wondering where to start. We’ll work with you to address the advantages and disadvantages of channels like paid ads, influencers, organic search, radio, TV, tradeshows, and more. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, so you’ll get the most value out of understanding its relevance to your unique needs.


You’re growing and the sales are coming in, but now you have a new problem. Someone needs to ship all these orders! Our fulfillment programs are affordable, using climate controlled storage and dedicated teams to ensure timely shipment of quality product. Let us do the dirty work so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Product Testing Databases

The FDA has strict expectations for how products are tested to ensure potency, purity, and cleanliness. Great brands set themselves apart by publishing these results and making them easily accessible to customers and potential buyers. Beyond Botanicals can obtain these results for you, and host them on your website. 

Regulatory Compliance

Interstate sales records. Recall procedures. Complaint handling forms. Supplier audits. Quality management systems. Sound familiar? If not, you may have compliance responsibilites you aren’t aware of that can add up to big fines. Let our veteran team build a compliance package that ensures ironclad operating procedures! 

Business Process 

Our staff includes certified Six Sigma experts, able to review your business’ greatest challenges to identify culprits and create lasting solutions. We use the same techniques proven by giants like Toyota, Ford, and Samsung to reduce errors, improve quality, and eliminate time-wasting redundancies, from sales and support to manufacturing and fulfillment.