7 Reasons Why the Beyond Botanicals Private Label Program Is Great For Your Business

Beyond Botanicals Private Label CBD Program

At Beyond Botanicals, we have earned a reputation for being one of the premier companies to partner up with as a hemp business owner. We offer various programs that help make your business a success, and our manufacturing standards are among the highest throughout the industry.

If you’re ready to launch a line of CBD products fully catered to your unique brand and customer base, you will want to look into our Private Label Program. This is one of two options offered to business owners, with the other being our White Label Program. While our White Label Program provides businesses with our signature formulas that they can put their name on and infuse with their branding, our Private Label Program gives you full control over not only what’s on the label of the product, but what is inside the formula as well.

#1: We Do All of the Hard Work for You

Starting a CBD business is no easy task, especially in today’s highly competitive market. With our Private Label Program, we do the hard work for you so that you can just focus on selling your branded products to your adoring customers. We help you figure out your target audience, work closely with you to figure out the ideal formulations to satisfy your customer base, collaborate on branding and packaging design, and so much more. Essentially, this means that you can boast a stunning lineup of products without having to engage in most of the labor of product development.

We also have a web development team that can give you a stunning online presence and can even set you up with payment processing. We even work directly with third-party testing labs so that you do not have to acquire lab reports yourself.

#2: You Can Customize Your Products to Suit Your Brand and Satisfy Your Customer Base

By putting enormous effort into customizing products based on your specific target audience, your business can stand out. In a sea of monotonous formula lineups, having products that cater to specific customer bases can give you a massive competitive edge over other hemp businesses that are out there. Not only will your formulas be completely unique, but the packaging will appeal to specific demographics according to the audience that you’ve worked hard to achieve. And, as branding experts, we know how to make these products as appealing as possible in a way that helps them catch the eyes of customers.

#3: Our Prices are Among the Best in the Industry

Of course, any up-and-coming CBD company is looking to cut down on costs as much as possible so that they can maximize their profits. Private label manufacturers understand the financial challenges of launching a new hemp business, which is why we do everything that we possibly can to make our partnership one that is uniquely affordable. Because we do everything in-house, rather than relying heavily on the outsourcing of specific steps of the manufacturing and development processes, we are able to keep our manufacturing costs down, which means that you’ll directly reap the rewards of our methods of operation.

#4: We Work with Businesses of All Sizes

A lot of wholesalers refuse to work with small businesses because they feel that this would not be lucrative in terms of profits. This understandably puts small businesses at a disadvantage against the big players on the hemp market. We open our doors to businesses of all sizes, as we do not discriminate against newer additions to the CBD industry that are just starting to find their footing. Our minimum order for Private Label is $2000, which is one of the lowest throughout the industry, and one that is friendly to companies who cannot make massive investments at the earliest stages of their business.

#5: We Work Closely with Our Partners Throughout Every Step of the Process

Throughout every step of the process, Beyond Botanicals works closely with you to ensure that we’re on the same page. You will be assigned your own Beyond Botanicals team who remains in constant communication to ensure that every aspect of the development product is completely in line with your goals and priorities as a business owner. There also are plenty of opportunities to make your voice heard and get very specific about what you want out of the private label product that we develop for you, along with the branding, web development and more.

In other words, this is a truly collaborative effort, and by the end of the process, you will feel like family.

#6: Full Product Customization

With our Private Label Program, you really can formulate your CBD products in just about any way that you see fit for your customers. We offer full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate extracts from which you can choose and produce just about every type of delivery method and formula you could want to add to your unique product line. In 2021, we also added a new family of cannabinoids to our private label line, including CBG, Delta 8 and other private label goods.

Beyond Botanicals is on top of the latest trends in the CBD industry, so that you can always offer products that are in high demand, giving you a serious competitive edge. We can also customize flavors and scents for popular products like tinctures and topicals so that you have something to offer that really stands out.

#7: Fast Turnaround

Our average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, which means that it will not be long before you’re able to stock your shelves with personalized CBD goods that are ready to be sold. The sooner new hemp formulas make their way to your hands, the sooner you can start earning profits.

Join Our Private Label Program Today!

Beyond Botanicals Private Label Program is the ultimate resource for any new CBD business owner who wants to distinguish themselves from their competitors who might also selling private label products, while being able to sit back and allow the hardest stages of the manufacturing process to be done for them.

If you’re ready to take your emerging hemp business to new heights of success, join our Private Labels Program today!



What is a CBD private label program?
A private label program is where a manufacturer will create fresh product for you, and customize it with your packaging and branding. In this way, you can launch or augment your own brand without investing in your own manufacturing facilities, employees, R&D, etc.
What production volumes must be in order to take advantage of your private label program?
In our private label program, each product is sold by case quantities. On some products, this minimum can be as low as 56 units. The majority of our private label products come in 100 unit cases. For fully customized packaging, these minimums may vary and account manager can get you current quotes.
How fast can I get my first batch of CBD products?
Fully customized CBD products can be made to order and ship in as little as 2-3 weeks. For faster lead times, we have various white label products that are on the shelf and ready to ship to you within 2 business days.
What is your pricing policy?
We offer competitive pricing on high quality CBD products, alongside a host of other value-added services. By private labeling product, you are free to set your own price points and are not subject to any Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements.


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