Is It Okay To Use More Than One CBD Product At A Time?


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It seems like every day, there is a new CBD product hitting the market that’s grabbing everyone’s attention. One of the best things about cannabidiol (CBD) is that we can experience its effects in so many distinctive products. On the flip side, this can also make it hard to zero in on one single product ideal for daily use. Because of this, a lot of people wonder whether or not it is okay to incorporate more than one hemp-based product into their daily routines.

Reasons for Using More Than One CBD Product

Before we talk about whether or not it is actually okay to use multiple CBD products in one day, let’s go over the specific reasons why a person may choose to do that in the first place.

Reason #1: To Extend the Effects

One reason for doubling up is to extend the period of effectiveness in the body. Different delivery methods have different windows during which the effects are active. For instance, a tincture can take effect in as little as 15 minutes, but last for about 4 hours. An edible can take up to 2 hours to peak in the body, but last for 8 hours. So, a person may choose to take a dose of a tincture first thing in the morning, and then take an edible about 2 hours later so that the effects of CBD can be felt for a long duration of the day.

Reason #2: To Explore Different Methods

Someone may wish to use multiple CBD products in one day because they are exploring different delivery methods to see how they affect them individually. For instance, they may take an edible in the morning and a tincture at night, when the effects of the edible have basically worn off.

Reason #3: To Get Two Different Results

A person may choose two distinctive formulas because each one offers something unique that is equally desirable. For example, a person may take an edible before going to bed while they wind down and use a topical in the morning because of a localized issue.

Also, many CBD products on the market contain an additional active ingredient besides the hemp. For instance, products formulated with melatonin are strictly for bedtime, while products formulated with certain nutrients may be best for daytime due to the fact that they can provide a gentle energy boost.

What Happens When You Use More Than One CBD Product?

The question is, should a person actually consider using more than one CBD product within 24 hours? In short, it is perfectly fine to do so. In fact, a lot of hemp enthusiasts use more than one type of CBD product in a day. Remember that cannabidiol, along with the hemp plant in general, is nontoxic to the human body. What this means is that there is no risk of toxic levels accumulating in the body. Taking too high of a dose can result in feelings of sleepiness and grogginess, but if you’re taking a standard dose of two different products, then you should be just fine.

You can even use two different CBD products at once if what you’re looking for is an extra-potent experience. Remember that even in high doses, hemp cannot get you high because it contains only a trace amount of THC that is non-psychoactive.

What to Consider Before Adding Another Hemp Formula into Your Routine

Before you do decide to bring another hemp product into your routine, there are some things that you need to consider that will determine how the incorporation of a secondary formula will ultimately affect you.

#1: Milligram Strength of Each Product

Every CBD product comes in a variety of milligram strengths, reflecting how potent each dose will be based on the number of milligrams that it contains. What this means is that taking two high-strength products is quite different from taking two that have lower milligram strengths. Consider this if you find that you’re particularly sensitive to higher milligram strengths of cannabidiol.

Note that topicals only offer effects to the skin where the product was applied, so using a high-strength topical will not contribute to feelings of grogginess that can happen with strong doses of hemp.

#2: Dosage of Each Product

Of course, the dosage amount of each product also matters quite a bit. Taking a half dose of each type of product is quite different from taking double the suggested amount of each.

#3: Delivery Method of Each Product

The delivery method will also make a difference by determining the onset time and duration of effects overall. Here is a breakdown of these factors according to delivery method so that you know what to expect with each one.

  • Edibles: Take 1-2 hours before becoming effective, lasting for up to 8 hours.
  • Capsules: Take 1-2 hours before becoming effective, lasting for up to 8 hours.
  • Tinctures: Take 15-40 minutes to become active, lasting for up to 4-5 hours.
  • Topicals: Can become effective within minutes, lasting for up to 6 hours.

#4: The Timing of Each Dose

Naturally, spreading out usage of each product will result in little overlap of effects between the two, while taking two products at the same time will give you more potent effects as each one is active in the body at the same time.

Get More Out of Your Daily Hemp Routine by Doubling Up

Overall, it is generally fine to double up on cannabidiol products to enhance your daily routine. Still, if you’re going to do this, we recommend that the second product you bring into the picture is taken in its recommended dosage amount so that you can find out how sensitive you are to taking multiple doses of hemp in one day. As time goes on, you can experiment with dosage amounts, strengths, timing, etc. to really finetune your personalized routine. If you’re unsure about what products to combine, check out our Everyday Hemp Combo Pack! It contains a cooling gel, full spectrum oil, and full spectrum capsules at a discounted price to sample our best sellers.

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