Why Spas and Massage Therapists Should Carry CBD Massage Oils and Creams

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While more and more states recognize CBD as a legal supplement, it’s obvious that cannabidiol is here to stay. With the enormous success of the hemp market, we are seeing all kinds of unique and innovative products launch using CBD as their star ingredient. While many people enjoy ingestible CBD products like tinctures or edibles, there’s a new, rapidly growing trend sweeping the country – CBD topicals.

CBD skincare offers the benefits of hemp directly to the skin through topical application. Given what topicals can offer, it is no surprise that more spas, massage therapists, and chiropractors are embracing the trend by incorporating CBD into the services they offer to their clients.

CBD-Infused Massage Services: What Can They Provide?

CBD topicals are formulas that apply directly to the skin, using hemp extract as their primary active ingredient.  They come in a wide range of formulations and fragrances.

We know from studies that cannabidiol (CBD), the dominant chemical compound of the hemp plant, can absorb beneficially when applied topically. Being a cannabinoid, CBD binds to endocannabinoid receptors in the tissue of the skin to regulate important processes, including physical sensation. Using hemp topically can be a great way to relax with direct, concentrated doses of this primary cannabinoid.

Terpenes in the hemp plant also possess similar properties, while cooperating with cannabinoids through synergistic process. Essentially, topicals made with hemp extract have a lot to offer in the massage environment, while being natural, gentle, and holistic in a way that many clients prefer.

Having a Competitive Edge with CBD

CBD is without a doubt a fast-growing trend, and more people are seeking it for its beneficial properties and growing acceptance. If you own a wellness-based business, incorporating CBD topicals into your services can give you a competitive edge, because demand for this type of service is growing at a rapid pace. Offering massages that are enhanced with a hemp-based massage oil or lotion is a great up-sell that is beneficial to your business.

Best Types of Topicals for Massage Therapists to Incorporate Into Their Practices

As you can imagine, not all CBD topicals are created equally. Some topical formulas are better for massage than others, and some are simply more effective as well. When choosing the best topical formula for a massage practice, consider the following.


It is important to find a CBD topical that is as high in quality as possible.  Only source your topicals from a trusted manufacturer, and look for third-party lab reports on their website, which allow you to verify that the hemp the company uses has been thoroughly tested by a certified third-party laboratory for quality, purity and more.  Also helps to look at reputable reviews of the company before making a purchase to hear what other people have to say about the products that they sell.

Milligram Strength

CBD topicals, like all hemp-based products, come in a variety of milligram strengths which reflect the milligrams of CBD in the overall product. That is to say, the milligram strength tells you how potent the product is in terms of its CBD content. Higher milligram strengths naturally impart more noticeable results.

Note: When CBD is absorbed through the skin, the effects stay localized to the immediate area, which is why higher milligram strengths of topicals are not associated with sleepiness like some other types of hemp products.


Certain types of topical formulas are more useful for a massage practice than others. A massage therapist needs to have a formula that spreads easily on the skin to reduce friction during the massage experience.  This is why massage oils and lotions are ideal. Both of these types of formulas have thin, spreadable consistencies that are ideal for a massage.


Many massage therapists use topicals that have some type of fragrance with aromatherapeutic value. Common essential oils include lavender, which can help calm the mind, or eucalyptus, which is particularly invigorating. If you care about the aroma of the product you’re using, make sure to choose a fragrance that you believe your clients will love. Naturally derived fragrances are always ideal since they come from essential oils that contain useful terpenes rich in properties that many massage enthusiasts desire.

Type of Hemp Extract

A CBD topical made with full spectrum extract is always ideal. Full spectrum hemp extract contains the complete array of chemical compounds as they exist in the flower of the hemp plant. This type of extract contains a family of cannabinoids, terpenes and other desirable compounds, each offering benefits that can enhance massage. Full spectrum hemp is popular for its entourage effect, which refers to the synergistic value of using all of the compounds of hemp at once. This allows for a more complete experience with stronger results.


It is important to make sure that a CBD topical contains gentle, non-allergenic and natural ingredients so that it’s easy on the client’s skin, and free of chemicals that are associated with long-term harm to the body.  Look through the list of ingredients on a CBD topical label to ensure that you’re only getting the finest formula possible. When possible, plant-based is best!

CBD Topicals at Beyond Botanicals: Approved by Massage Therapists Around the Country

As you can see, CBD topicals can take your practice to a whole new level. They provide a unique type of relief that comes from the dazzling constituents of the hemp plant. If you’re ready to invest in high-quality CBD topicals for your clients, check out Beyond Botanicals. Our topical line includes massage oils, body butters, moisturizing creams, and cooling gels.

Many massage therapists incorporate our massage oils into their practice because they’re gentle on the skin, scented with beneficial essential oils and rich in highly bioavailable, carefully extracted cannabinoids and terpenes. Not only that, but they spread along the skin easily while offering intensive moisture thanks to ingredients like almond oil and coconut oil, which are known to benefit the skin with ample hydration.

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